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U.S. Citizen

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

A U.S. citizen is someone who was born in the United States or who has gone through the process of naturalization. Naturalization is a process where someone who was not born in the United States can become a citizen. In order to be eligible for naturalization, an applicant must have lived in the United States for at least five years and must meet a number of other requirements. Once an applicant has met all the requirements, they must take a test on U.S. history and government. If they pass the test, they are then sworn in as a U.S. citizen. Being a U.S. citizen comes with a number of rights and responsibilities. One of the most important rights is the right to vote. Voting is how citizens participate in democracy and help to elect officials who make decisions about the country. Another important responsibility is to obey laws and pay taxes. As a U.S. citizen, you also have the responsibility to help make your community a better place. You can do this by volunteering, mentoring someone, or working to make your neighborhood safer and more beautiful. There are many ways to be a good citizen, but it all starts with understanding what it means to be one.

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