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Urgent Travel (Non-emergency) Appointments

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

You may schedule an appointment for urgent travel (for example, a funeral or business trip) using the Department of State's online appointment system. You will pay the same application fee whether you schedule an appointment or apply at a passport agency without one. If you need your passport more quickly than the standard processing time of four to six weeks, you have two options for expedited service:

You may request expedited service when you make your appointment by paying an additional $60 per application.

If you cannot make an appointment, you may come to a passport agency and request expedited service by paying an additional $60 per application and demonstrating a qualifying life-or-death emergency. Please note that we define "emergency" very narrowly as an immediate threat to life or limb. Expedited service is not available for “routine” emergencies such as weather events or family reunions.

If your trip is not within 2 weeks, or you do not qualify for expedited service, please schedule a regular appointment and pay the routine application fee. Applying early will help ensure that you receive your passport in time for your trip.

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